We believe the secret to running an efficient logistics supply chain management starts with technology adoption. At Truckka, we are able to support your tech-logistics adoption and roll-out.
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Transport Planning & Management System

Truckka Logistics Limited supports the sale and deployment of Navitrans developed modular and customizable Transportation, Planning and Management System (TMS). The TMS platform allows for the planning and execution of freight movement processes across the enterprise.

Navitrans TMS delivers the following additional benefits:
Significant reduction in transportation and logistics cost by cutting underutilized freight capacity movement.
Aggregation, synchronization and scheduling of truck/freight movement across the enterprise with real-time freight visibility.

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Corporate Performance Management System

Truckka Logistics Limited supports the Solver Corporate Performance Management System (CPMS) platform as a Reseller Partner to Solver Global. Solver CPMS intelligently consolidates data across disparate ERP platforms into a cloud-based data warehouse.

The platform helps to overcome the following challenges in an enterprise:
Reporting through hamonisation of all data sources, reporting tools and excel models.
Budgeting & Forecasting usually coming from manual data loading & spreadsheets, multiple excel templates, manual workflows & forecasting.

Solution Reseller Partner

We are Solution Reseller Partners to Navitrans Logistics Software and Solver Global Software.

The TMS has three Integrated Modules Transport, Forwarding & Warehousing.

The platform and its providers are 100% focussed on the logistics market.

One Software solution for every logistic flow and operational in over 30 countries.

Solver features include Reporting, Planning, Dashboards & Data Warehouse modules.

A leader in providing Corporate Performance Management Solutions,founded in 1996.

The Solver CPM has been executed as a solution for over 3,000 customers across 40 countries. etc